Wednesday, February 26, 2003

well.....24 hours and this campus will be invaded with youth and their leaders, loud music and dark lighting, gothic decorations and yellow lanterns. the mood will be set, the lights will be off, the draw bridge will be down and the jousting sticks will be in full swing as the jester runs to challenge more.....and the youth will amass......

the presence of God is already thick. i think that he's has a lot on his agenda for this weekend. i long deeply to see that come to pass... i have just been prayin' up a storm all day, everything is making me want to pray, to cover this weekend.

i doubt that i will be able to blog very much. monday is a down day...classes cancelled.....i should be able to blog then....and possibly again tomorrow....we shall see........farethee well dear ones

alright everyone..... i would like to ask you guys to pray about something for me

i am really sick. i don't know what it is. i can't eat. if i do eat i feel sooooo horrible and not normal but if i don't eat then i feel equally as horrible. i am dizzy. headaches all the time (probably from the lack of food) so it's been "hanging" on me for like a good two weeks. it hasn't gone away.......

sr high is this week -.....ahhh...correction......tomorrow.......oh my.

so yeah.......that means no rest, mega stress.....but lotsa God!!

ciao and cheers

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

well..........because I have no energy to put words into sentances......i will continue on the quick thoughts of me....the Helm:
(yes i have been painting some more....tee hee)

* sr.high is really soon
* i am exhausted....go figure eh....who'da thunk it
* i really wish that the food here would stop making me sick
* i am really enjoying listening to Frank Sinatra right now

yeah...that's all i got to offer.
why is it that on the days that you want to actually write something you can't find the energy within yourself. i have so much that has happened lately that i would enjoy blogging about but i'm just so dog gone exhausted....
so i am going to go finish some last minuet a book maybe....i dunno.....

*kay i'm gunna get into some things*
last night at our chapel service something was really different. first things first, i normally sit in the back. i've always liked the back...therefore i can observe and pray for those that i'm seein'....but recently God has asked me to sit farther up front. so i moved like two rows up....nope....he convicted me again and wasn't satisfied until i was at the very front. i am clinging to my left side of the chapel tho'. so very awkwardly yesterday night i was at the front *something very hard for me, i don't like people watching me* but it was really amazing. God really made me aware of his presence and just birthed this whole intersession thing for my was an extremley intense evening. So yeah.....

don't know what else to say, so i'm gonna stop arrividerccii

Sunday, February 23, 2003

quick thoughts of the helm raiser

* i finished to major papers in two and half days (by the grace of the LORD)
* i am beyond stressed
* i am being pulled in too many directions at once
* i have a particualr situation that is constantly demanding my time, energy, and wisdom
* i am losing patience
* i love seeking the face of God
* i really miss you beloved friends of mine in winnipeg
* how do you rely on the strength of God in a situation that constantly betrays your trust?
* how do you love when there's none left in you to give?
* i long for my father in heaven so intensely that it groans and claws me up inside
* i think i'll stop now
* this is so much easier than putting all of this into words
* kay i'm really going now
* someone reply and share your brain with me