Friday, March 05, 2004

4 days after that...
Fridays are usually kind of funny around here. I mean we only have classes until lunch and then we are off for the afternoon. It is a beautiful thing..

I am always in a state of war with myself because I ususally have tonnes of homework and therefore taking advantage of a full afternoon's use of the library is very good.

However, it is also extremely nice to just sit back watch a movie (I just watched the Four Feathers finally) or have tea with friends or the like.

I have gotten as far as turning on my computer. No i just need to get myself to my room and start typing. Sure enough i will be distracted by the partial mess and start cleaning instead of doing my homework. I know that tomorrow is shot because i am going to Saskatoon to watch the Passion with a few friends.

Oh fancy that.....Someone just ask me to partake in a game of Lord of the Rings Risk.....guess homework will have to wait until this evening......

Monday, March 01, 2004

5 days later....

Encounter weekend is done. Today was clean up where we take down the decorations and all of the stuff we used to decorate this campus. The weekend went amazing. It is so awesome to have so many young people come here. I can't get into all of the things that happened but it was a really good weekend.

I had the opportunity to paint during the worship again. I am constantly amazed at the grace of God. At how he quite litterally lavishes on us. It is so beautiful. On Saturday night I got to paint with two other friends of mine and that was so great. It was so powerful. Just another example of the power or community, or corporate worship to God. We are not called to be individuals, but we are called to be a part of something so much larger....and when you submit to that is SO powerful.

I am getting excited. I will be in Winnipeg in two weeks on Friday! I can't handle how much i love that city. I am so happy that i will be there for around 9 days or great. I need that time to connect with them. I miss that church, that community, that body so much. They are a part of my family and I love them very much. I am quite sad that I am not able to spend the summer there this year....very sad. Because I am at school here for 8 months the summers have been my only time to reconnect in person and spend some serious time with them. So I am sad that i will not have that this year. I am going to take advantage of the 9 days in march that I am able to be there.

I love you Winnipeg Crew!!

I need to go....It's good to be back....maybe i'll have a bit more to say this time around. ciao friends.