Friday, May 28, 2004

Thunder Storms

The day started beautiful and hot - albeit windy. It was amazing. A beautiful day. Then in a matter of moments it was raining harder than I had seen in a long time. Hail, wind...and the best part...


Man i love thunder....

The game of life is on the menu tonight at MJ Youth. It shall be fun!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2004

fun in parliament

we have finished our school tours for this week.
I have nearly forgotten how absolutely bagged one gets after traveling.

Today...After we finished presenting in our last school we had about 3 hours to blow here in Regina. So we headed to a tattoo shop *I was hoping to get a tattoo* however, they didn't have time till Saturday *when I will be gone* so I got nothing done. Ahhh well.

Then, on our way somewhere else we decided to wander around the Legislature building. *earlier in the week when we reached Regina we stopped and had a picknick on the picknick tables near the building. This time we wanted to go in.

**side note**
the school gave us a video camera to document some of our presentations so they can present it too the board so they know how it all went

so...with video camera in hand - and four team members who had to pee - we entered the leg buiding and ended up signing up for a tour. BAHAHAHA.

We - Nicole and I - decided to turn it into a "bathroom hunt".

so during the tour we were filming - and quite frankly being boneheads - about how it was this huge stealthy hunt for the washroom. It was crazy.

So after we sat in on the debates in the Leg - where they were all acting like 4 year olds - we went down to the main lobby to get one final shot. As we were walking down the huge stairs we *Nicole and I* saw the security guards and hosts all point at us, nod, and then talk to one another.

We reached the bottom and this security guard comes up too us and the conversation proceeded as follows:

Guard: Are you with a tour?
Us: Yes
Are you with a school?
Who did you do the tour with then?
well there were just four of us and we just joined a tour that was just starting.
Have you been filming?
We have reports that there were two young ladies filming upstairs.

*shocked, horrified looks cross our faces*
*The guard is standing - no looming - over us with a real serious look on his face*

*at the same time both of us girls burst into an explanation of how we were filming this harmless "where's the bathroom thing" etc....

*the once stern face of the guard cracks and produces a sweet smile from ear to ear*
apparently our - "innocent girls" act worked him

The boys came down after this all happened and we convinced this security guard who was a retired RCMP officer to pretend that we had gotten caught and where in trouble.

So the boys get there and he calls them over. Just serious as anything tells them that we were causing trouble and that they were in trouble now too because we were part of the same group....
All would have gone well except that Nicole couldn't keep a straight face...the gig was soon found out....

Out of this whole event two things became abundantly clear...

1)We have a hilarious video of a "bathroom hunt" in the Leg building in Regina

2)I love being behind a camera, I have discovered that my brain loves to think like that. Oh it was great.
I really need my own camera now.

Monday, May 24, 2004

I'm headed off

I leave this afternoon to start our High School Tours for recruitment.

I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I really do hate being in any kind of spotlight and so the thought of getting on a stage and holding the attention of 200 high school kids kinda freaks me out....i have a lot of talking to do tooo.....

But I am very excited too. I know that it will be an amazing summer and that God is going to do a lot in the hearts of people. That is always exciting.

I need to jet and make sure i have all of my stuff packed.

Until later friends....ciao