Wednesday, October 29, 2003

what a day......
I mean today was the day of my two midterm exams (9 essays to prepare for) and a Greek vocab test and a board meeting to attend for a class project and so today started with very,
cold icy wind pounding against my poor room that sticks out from the rest of the dorm, and i had about a million blankets,
not wait, a trillion, big heavy blankets
holding me so snuggly in my bed that the realization that i had to get up was far away from me.
Not to mention that i've been working so hard in preparing for all that i need to prepare for that my eyes forget to remain open,
now i don't fall asleep,
it's just that they have no energy in themselves to remain open.
So then begins a balancing act of keeping at least one arm propped up on something, at least one hand connecting with my face and most definately one finger strategically placed so that my eyelid will exert no energy of it's own in remaining open, and then attempting to consume all of the information that needs to be crammed into my little head.

I still have a board meeting to attend tonight but the majority of the things i had to get done today are done now. I just finished my Philosophy midterm....*owie my hand*

My body is sucessfullly going through it's shutdown od and i haven't really given it permission to yet...I'll have to take some evasive action on that situation. I will go and play a game and then maybe sleep through suppah...or at least eat suppah really fast and then go sleep until the board meeting......
*what a day*..........
*sings softly* I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts...deedullleeedeedeee.....there they are standing in a row...bumpbumbumpbumbump....big ones! small ones! some as big as your head!
-*mumbles* oh we'd never have this if mufasa was here....
-what did you say?
*conversation trails off as reailty returns*

mmmmmmm....i constantly have Lion King playing in my head...i'm not even joking either...i could quote almost any part of that plays the loudest and clearest when i'm sleepy.....
boy am i sleepy.....
oh look...a movie....

Monday, October 27, 2003

today dawned with the realization that i have an incredable amount of things and responsibilities to do by Wednesday.
I started to panic.
I thought of ways i could escape.
I thought of movies i could watch, books i could read...anything that would take me away from the present reality of STRESS.
stress is an understatement.
I thought "how on earth is it humanly possible to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished before wednesday"
Then the day continued....and things turned out alright....sorta.
This morning in our history class we watched a documentary (that we have been watching for a while now) so that was wonderful because it didn't really involve my mind too much more just payin' attention to a really good documentary.
Then in my next class (greek) we had a crazy class because it was a new chapter and a lot of new stuff and it was really heavy stuff....
Then i had lunch...then i had philosophy which turned out to be a study class because Our teacher had an emergency and wasn't prepared for class so we just got to study....which was a beautiful thing.

I have two midterm exams on wednesday (which means i have to prepare for 9 essays peferably write them ahead of time becaues there is usually no time to write more than one decent essay in the given time allowance), a greek vocabulary test, I have a large Leadership paper due tomorrow and thankfully i had time to work on it today.
I wrote 11 pages in 2 hours.
Only by the grace of God......

Now my eyes are sore because i've been staring at a computer for too long, i'm exhuasted and ihave to go play my djembe in worship i'm gunna go chill out in my room until practice....

Sunday, October 26, 2003

on friday afternoon i went to saskatoon.
on this very same friday i stumbled across an artist, a musician from Dublin Ireland, totally by chance.
I was in CDPlus in one of the malls and i was looking at CD's, nay coveting CD's, and all of a sudden my ears perk to the sound of something truley wonderful playing over the store speakers. I just stood still and listened because it sounded familar so i was trying to place the voice and the music.
the song passed and I failed to place it, so I thought nothing of it.
The next track came on and it once again grabbed my attention violently.
I was like "holy crap".....
it was a different voice but you could tell that it belonged either to the same artist or at the very least the same CD.

Resolved to cure my desire to know why this sounded so familar i trotted up to the front desk and proceeded to ask the g.i.r.l. who the artist was. She said the name and i had NO CLUE who it was at never even heard of the name. I walked away content in the fact that i had never heard of the artist before.

The track kept going and as hard as i tried i couldn't pry my ears away from the music i was hearing. i was going banannas. So i walked back up to the desk and asked the same lady if she could show me where i could find this CD.
i was informed that this CD was in fact the only one they had.
So i asked for a peice of paper and a pen because i was determined to track this CD down.
She passed me the paper and pen and i wrote the name and CD title down, thanked her, and proceeded to look for music.

About a minuet had passed and the g.i.r.l. approches me and tells me that they will sell their copy of the CD to me if i want it. I ask the price and it was like 24.99 so i'm like thankyou i'll think about it....she smiles and walks away.
30 seconds later she approches me again and tells me that they will give me a discount because they opened it.
I bought the CD. One of the best CD's i've boughted in a very long time.

his name is Damien Rice and the CD is called O
his web page is in my link section at the top of this page.

It is such an incredable CD.
I have no clue who this guy is, all i know is that he is from Dublin Ireland.