Friday, January 16, 2004


There is nothing like a slurpee in the of wonderful!

Also...if any of you wanna know there is a memorial thing on my colleges web page two Nikki and Katie (the two who di.ed in the acci.dent) FGBI

Back to my slurpee....

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

unbearable grief

Three of my friends had a car today, two of them died and one is in the hospital. All three were attending this college and one of them Nikki i have known since i was 12, we were so exited to finally be here at FGBI together (we had been wanting too since we both graduated from high school)...she just got under two weeks ago....

I don't think i'll be able to blog for this is my temporary farwell.

Monday, January 12, 2004

The Blues...

The Blues really are the rythmn of my soul. It is just the beat of my thoughts. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk around the school with my head phones on and have this wonderful blues music dancing in my ears....(Count Basie is in the player at the moment) ahhh it is a beautiful thing. mmm.

God has been working in themes with me lately. This weekend was our opening services called 'deeper life services' and one of the things that God was trying to get through to me was the whole idea and realization of suffering. It was a gentle message but very real at the same time. I have been reading this one novel since before christmas and I just finished it yesterday ( a wonderful feeling) and the whole theme at the end of the story was the fact that we have HOPE in Jesus because he suffered for us and therefore COMPLETELY understands our positions and sufferings. So when we have to face trials or sufferings in our lives we can rest in the knowledge that Jesus did as well. He looked at it straight on and did not choose to run but rather decided to trust His heavenly Father and walk through it....
As well In my mini semester class we watched a film called To End All Wars and the whole message in the film was about the power of forgiveness in the light of horrible suffering. Just an incredably powerful film. The whole point of suffering mentioned about what the thing that God took home in my heart.

I think that God is trying to get that message through to worked.
I really appreciate how creative God is at getting things through to us. I totally appreciate it.

mmm the is making me very happy....sheer glee.