Saturday, November 08, 2003

I am in winnipeg.
Winnipeg Manitoba.
I am unable to explain the feelings i have right now.
I am home.
This city is my home, these people are my family and being here..
I haven't felt this comfortable in a really long time.......
this is a good weekend.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

it is always a wonderful feeling when the weekend draws near.
it is always an even more wonderful feeling when you see your homework list for the semester slowly get smaller.
It is even a GREATER feeling when you realize that tomorrow is Friday, i only have two classes (and one vocab quiz) and a TRIP TO WINNIPEG!!!! HA!
so excited.
today has been good.
Remember the WAT (world action teams) that i said i had applied for. Well they got posted today and it looks like i might be heading to Syria! I am so very excited. LIke i can't stop giggeling......*sigh**deep breath*
i'm so excited.

I need to go run some errands and then do my Greek......oi.......
i might be going to Syria........hahahahahahahha.

Monday, November 03, 2003

will this rollercoaster never end??
dear me.
So i woke up this morning completely fine. I feel totally normal. (what the hee-haw is going on...i mean seriously)
I'm afraid i have little hope in the fact that it'll stay this way but as of right now it's all good.

At least it's good when you a christian because you really learn the art of living in and taking advantage of the moment. And in this moment i am well, so i am rejoicing in that fact and so stinkin'
because i get to go to winterpeg in like 4 cool is that.
i can't wait to see you guys!

I have a Philosophy paper on Descartes due tomorrow.....*overexagerated sigh*
i get to explain his logical thought......(i royally suck at logical thought...i'm a scatter brained freak, not a logical organized thinker.....)

I have discovered that I severly suffer from out-of-sight-out-of-mind- disease. It has been getting worse and worse. I don't think it is so much that i do not pay attention to these things, but rather that i have so many things that either need to be balanced in my mind or so many things that need to be juggled at the same time. So often little things like what clothing i have in a drawer (if the drawer is shut i swear to you that i will forget that i have clothers in there - hence me trying to hang everything i have in the closet.) or if i don't have me keys attached to the belt loop on my pants and i don't hear them when i walk....i will forget that i have keys and will not check my mail or lock my door for a long time until i happen to see my keys again and am like " keys...."

I feel like i am going crazy.
Like i am loosing my mind.
Slipping down that slippery sloop slideing faster than i can handle. (oooo that was a fun sentance....say it again!)

anywho...i am off to tackel the mind of Descartes......ciao

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Well.....the reason why i haven't updated this weekend is because i've been in Calgary.....OKAY
it was our contact weekend.
it is a weekend where we all get put on teams and go and bless the churches that support the school.
I went to West Calgary Full Gospel this weekend.
We just got in....and i'm going to bed because i'm really sick again.
This is becoming an issue with me.
You see on Thursday (before i left for this weekend) I was just i'm talking almost passed out, couldn't see was really ..i thought i wasn't going to be able to go this weekend. I told a few people and asked them to pray about it.
Then later that evening (you see it had been escalating all day so by the evening it was horrible) i was going to watch a movie and i was alone in the car and i just cried out to God and i was totally fine after that. Like i'm talking 100% normal. So that was completely awesome.
Then on saturday it hit me again....and today it's been getting's so frustrating. I have been to the doctor and he's taking the check up and i've gotten the work and according to everything i'm totally normal. Nothing is wrong except for a couple of moles on my back that he doesn't like. Other than that i'm good.

So then my thoughts then fall to this question:
Is it something spiritual? Something afflicting me? Or God trying to get my attention?

It's to the point where i can hardly keep my eyes open i feel so horrible......
So i'm going to bed and hope that tomorrow will dawn with me being okay.
If you guys want to i'd appreciate your prayers.....

to bed i go.....ciao