Saturday, December 27, 2003

The Last Samurai

As a general rule i dislike the acting of Tom Cruis with the exception of, Far and Away and Top Gun (there might be another one but it has slipped my mind, must not be that important).
The Last Samurai was an exceptional movie. It was very good. Somehow Mr. Cruise has redemed himself as an actor in this movie to me. I still don't like his acting but this movie has now been added to the list of movies that i don't mind seeing Tom Cruise in.

Now i have two movies i need to see again before i leave, Return of the King and The Last Samurai. (i really really really like samurai swords...really really....)

Friday, December 26, 2003

where to start....hmmm

So I have been thinking about art, art in the church, art outside of the church, art in my life, what I want my art to look like/accomplish/generate...Etc.
It is a pretty overwhelming topic to start to tackle especially when you are afraid to even create something to begin with.

At school I am taking this mini semester course called "church and culture: can anything good come out of Babylon?" and the required read for the course is called imagine: a vision for Christians in the arts. ( an extremely good read so far). The author, Steve turner, has some great things to say and a lot of it lines up with my heart for the arts and especially "Christian" art.

I long to be in the world, with the people, not really in the church, with the saved. What I mean is I love the body of Christ, I support and encourage community with the global body of Christ, but I have no desire to work within the four walls of what we call church today. My heart, my passion is with the ones searching, is with those who don't know about Jesus. Those are the ones that I long to be with.

When I think about art, my art and my expression, I don't really see it impacting too many within the church walls. I would love it if it would, but I feel that all I am belongs with those outside of the church walls; the overcast, sidelined, and the ones who have been hurt by the "church" in their past. That is where I feel my art will end up, or impact the most. And I hope that God prepares me for that. I have no doubt that he will.

I want to see those who follow Jesus have a say in the world today, in our culture. I want to see them in politics, in commerce, in economics and trade, in musicianship, in communication, in marketing, etc. We need more Christians out there who can take part in the global discussions going on in our culture. Steve turner in his book said this as well...

The problem comes when artists who could be contributing to the discussion taking place in the mainstream arts are hidden away in the church, and artists who should be sticking with the church are deluded into thinking that they are going to transform contemporary culture.

That is where I long to be. Taking part in the discussions that happen in our culture. I want to be informed enough, educated enough, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be out there and living my worldview for all to see and question.

I read something ages ago that seemed to echo something I really desired to see in "Christian" art. The essence of what they said was that there is no depth in Christian arts because you only see the light, the "after" picture. There is no contrast between what used to be and what is now in light of the change. Most Christians avoid what we used to be without Christ because it is ugly, sinful and shameful and instead focus on what we are now with Christ (this isn't altogether bad but there is no balance and therein lies the problem) You can't appreciate the light when you haven't seen the darkness. As Christians we have such a powerful voice on this issue. We HAVE seen the darkness and we have see it for what it is; a cesspool of lies. Because we have been pulled out of this darkness and saved by the Grace of a loving God, we can fully stand in reverence before the light of all He is.

Redemption is meaningless unless there is a cause for it in the actual life we live, and for the last few centuries there has been operating in our culture the secular belief that there is no such cause. -Steve turner

and again-
The valley of the shadow of death is rarely traversed, nor is the valley of indecision. The casual non-believing browser is effectively excluded because there is no overlap of experience.

i'm done for now....
too much stewing in my head....
too be

Thursday, December 25, 2003

There are some really bad blog designs out there.
I have just spent about an hour sifting through them to try and find something that I could use that would...what is the this tendancy I have to change this page every month or so.
It is christmas day. that is just crazy.
I patiently await my uncles curried chicken....oh joy, he is such an incredable cook....yum yum yum. I cannot wait.

So I have been feeling a bit convicted because of the lack of art I have been producing lately. I need to get on that. No more excuses. I am reading this really great book for my mini semester this January and I have some parts I want to post on here and get your opinions, discussion, debate, ideas...whatever....I would appreciate your feedback...
well that then leads me to the next matter at hand...
finding a comment box thing....

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

well this look is not for good, it is merely temporary.
Nothing on this page remains...
i wonder what that is reflecting about my personality?
I really just get so bored with the way this page usually looks.
Maybe it is because i have yet to find something that truely reflects who I am and what I love.
or maybe that is preciesly the issue.
There is too much that I love and it is causing me to become rather schizophrenic....bahahahaah...

My uncle is an amazing cook.
Right out of this ball park.
I hope that one day i can cook a meal like he does.
the meal tonight was amazing.

i need to go change the way this page looks....ciao

the twenty fourth already....oi
it is the 24th of December.
That is truly very odd.
I got into Edmonton on Saturday, got to see my mom's new place (love it), i have gotten to chill out and watch tv and movies and do nothing at all....

I finally saw The Hours.....LOVED it. most likely will rent it again before i leave.

I saw The Return of the King. They did a very good job at finishing the Trilogy and in my opinion the best movie out of the three. THat i will see again as well. It was 3 and a half hours long but very good. very good.

I can hardley handle the fact that it is christmas strange. It just popped up rather quickly and hmmph...before you know it i am going to find myself back at school trying to get all of my homework done. Oivay...not even going to think of that at all.....

I did have a lot to say but it seems to have slipped through my mind....
I will write it all later....i have to wait for the pop to kick in and then i might have some energy to sort through the things in my mind.....
what to say...
what to say...
oh i know....