Thursday, December 04, 2003

on the topic of choir we have our choir trip coming up this weekend. This includes leaving around 9:30 am, having six performances in just under three whole days, singing in a school on a native reserve, a mall, a church, and a mens prison.
This trip has arrived very fast and it been one of those weeks where i have so much to do and little time to do it in.

I have those three assignments due right after this choir trip and the BEAUTIFUL news is that i pounded out two of them in around two i just need to go through them again...fix my horrilble writing skills, and then hopefully hand them in either today or tomorrow. Then when i get back i'll do the last assigment and all is set!

In our History class one of our required reads turned out to be a novel I read this summer. It's called The Iron Lance and it's written by Stephen R. Lawhead. It's book one of a trilogy called the Celtic Cursades. It is a very good novel...He is an incredable story teller. Anywho...I read the novel again this semester because i decided that i should get a good grip on the assignment we have to do for it. I read it in five's almost 700 pages long.....bahahahha. That really made me laugh.

So finding out that someone in the school here had the second and third book to this trilogy i asked if i could borrow them. I read the second one in about two days and now i am on the third one. It is such a good story........anyway...these very much so have been my saving sanity.....they have been my escape from this school and all the things that need to be has been a beautiful escape......

Almost better than escaping through watching a movie i dare say. hmmm.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

so today in the middle of philosophy class i discovered why they call the game of Monopoly....monopoly.
It just clicked...i just.....understood......

I will update again later......
i have to head to choir.