Friday, December 19, 2003

30 minuets....i just wrote 3 essays in 30 minuets......BAH
I'm so happy i'm done....
I think it is safe to say that i will never pre write my essays every again.
I wrote my History final in 25 minuets...same thing...3 essays.....*sigh*

Now i have to say goodbye to all my friends that are taking off for Christmas...this includes saying good bye to my dear friend who i have known for quite sometime now who is going to teach in Japan for TWO YEARS.....
arg....It's going to be really rough saying goodbye to her.

I need to go do some laundry......

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Question for Mishayl : ?

Who are you?
Do you know me?
Do i know you?
Drop me an email...
For some reason your blog won't load for me....

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Hate to end this way

I am at a point where I am not so much worried about the two exams, two very large exams, I have to write tomorrow, but I have reached the point of not really caring.
I am studying...I am not giving up...but....I understand that I can only study as much as i can I am not going to worry about it.

Funny thing I did tonight however...bahahaha....

I have been studying since around 5:30 this evening, bouncing between my History and Greek. (Now I am just left with Greek seein' as i have prepared all i can for my History)
Well...I am sick right now...and I made the misjudgement of taking some Neo Citran. Now this stuff normal never has a sleepy effect on me, but taking it when my body is already exhausted, and sick......not good.

I can hardly hold my arms up, hardly keep my eyelids to stay open...maybe I should tape them would be fun to explain...this is clearly interfering with my not only am I not worried about my exams, but i am elated at the thought of them....everything is so giddy to me because I am so tired......oi.

aRg*DoUbLe ArG*grrRrrrr

two exams tomorrow.....ick.
One Greek....(lots to learn before that one)
One History..(Three essays need to be written in two hours from class notes...but i have 5 essays to prepare......arg)

no...i'm not stressed at all.....
oh wait....
yes yes i am.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Quite Surprised

Well Sadaam Hussein has been caught.
It all honesty I was very surprised by that news;
To the point where I still don't really believe it.
How can we really trust what is being said through media?

I thought if America, nay Dubya Bush, was going to catch anyone,
I thought they would round up Osama first.
I mean he is apparently the guy that has offended America,
Hussein has just hurt his own people, well and promoted terr.orism....
I am still surprised.

I had three last classes sure felt nice.
Now i'm in terr.or because i realize all i have to do for my finals.
So much to do and no time to do it in.....
Hey guess what....
I still have my migrane.....
*double aRg*

I am really trying to get to the 'Peg this christmas holiday...
cuz that'd be beyond wonderful.....
but it's like 140 which is really good....
but the question is whether i can fit in on my
oh i hope i can go.....
and now i leave you with this....part of one of my favorite poems....
The Hound of Heaven...

Whom wilt thou find to love ignoble thee
Save Me, save only Me?
All which I took from thee I did but take,
Not for thy harms.
But just that thou might'st seek it in my arms.
All which thy child's mistake
Fancies as lost, I have stored for the at home;
Rise, clasp My hand, and come!"

if you are unfamilar with this it it.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Nichomachean Ethics

Firday night was our christmas banquet (a formal evening dinner followed by a campfire, ice skating and a christmas movie marathon) and I am always so overwhelmed and blessed by the friends God puts into my life. Nights like friday night just remind me of this. I hope that I can strive to be the type of person who isn't afraid to let my friends know how much they mean to me, they mean so much to me......

We have another choir performance tonight at the church. I am excited and not so excited at the same time. There seems to be a lot of attack - or something - going on and it's is frustrating because i don't know what it is so i feel like my prayers for it are aimless...just hitting everything. *Lord focus my prayers*
I find it funny.
I ha.te choir music. Like...really...maybe there is a few songs that i really enjoy...but on a general, normal note - i really do not like it.
Lately i have been on a choir music kick.....hahahahaha....
that's right...i can't seem to get enough of choir music. Oh AND i sing in the choir here....bahahahahaha.
everytime i have a desire to listen to this one CD of mine (a choir music CD) i always question "is this really what i want to listen too" and sure enough i can't put another CD in until i listen to a least a couple of songs.

This semester is almost done. I have two more days of classes and then exams and then i go......crazy how fast that came.
alright....well i'm going to go putz around on this here computer and then head 'er off to church...ciao