Friday, May 21, 2004

Two things that I really love

These two things have really surprised me because I never thought that I would love them...

1) This new blog design...
everytime i come to my site...i smile.....I really like it. It's fun, it's "clean" (design wise i mean) and for some odd reason it seems to have captured me...somehow....

2)This little town......
i have said many times over that I am surprised that I am here in this town that I grew up in....
because i am working with the college I will spend all my inbetween time here in eston, when i'm not travelling somewhere.
I am so excited for that!!

We leave on Monday for our High School i have no idea if or when I will have internet let alone blogging abilities...

But if given the chance i will most likely keep you posted...

Here's to a great day friends!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I don't really know why exactly yet, but I really dislike the changes that Blogger has made. I sign in and it's just....ick.
Well that is my opinion anyway....

I haven't spent a summer in this town since 1999.
You guys...
That's 5 years ago.
That's a long time.

I am constantly amazed at how fast things like that pass by. My life changed so radically in 2000. I mean I graduated, moved to a city and a province I knew nothing about, found a home, was all of the sudden out of the denomination that I grew up in, and never thought I'd return here to little ol'saskatchewan.

oddly enough, here I am.
In the prairie town I grew up in.
Back under the denomination that I never thought I'd return too.
And my life has taken a road I never expected.

God sure does work in odd ways.
As weird and surreal as this journey has been.....It's been overwhelmingly good.
Good because of God. Because he has been the one in control of it.

When I try and look forward at what might be coming,
I am just silenced.
I know that I'll never know.
And if my life - already - has taken turns I never thought would happen, then it is safe to assume that the rest of my life may just follow suit.

This is all completely fine with me.

I would much rather be uncomfortable and be obedient to my God,
Then be comfortable and unwilling to leave somewhere.

I want to be available for God,
Whenever, wherever, to whomever...
My life is his.

Monday, May 17, 2004

and here is some more changes comin' yer way....
will i ever find something i like???

What in the world has blogger done!!

Well...someone help me...when did blogger make all of these changes.....*ewww* I don't like it at all......*ick*.

I am back. I got in last night. It is so strange because when i got here things just felt right. I guess it is a good thing because this is where i am working all summer and this is where I am spending another year of full time studies at.

Ya know I am so thankful that God gives us peace about things. The fact that "things feel right" right now just blows me away. That God would care enough about me to let me know when I am doing something that has his blessing.

God is so good. I am amazed.

So the girls that are working here with SRT are all staying in one of the boys dorms. Last night after a day of travelling I hauled all of my junk upstairs to my new room....

Holy snot were my thighs burning!! geesh....proof of how out of shape I am in....hahha...

On the way home time and time again God really convicted me. I need to paint. I need to paint this summer. Seriously need to do it. Not just talk about it but do it.
So this is an open invitation. I am holding myself accountable and you guys feel free to ask me if I am painting or not and i promise to answer honestly.

I am at work...i need to jet.
Ciao my friends...I have missed you all!
man it was tortourus being 3 and a half hours away from winnipeg and not being able to get there...