Saturday, October 11, 2003

well...what can i say. I am in Edmonton right now about to go shopping with my's so good to see my family.
I drove all the way to camrose and i must say it was a great trip. I had wonderful company. The sun set was absolutley GORGEOUS and i was just amazed and *sigh* it was good.
It's still really strange to be i just can't believe that i'm here......odd.

Usually i am the one who stays behind at the school when everyone leaves because i want to do homework and stuff and i really do enjoy the school when there is no one around. So as i was packing up and leaving yesterday it was just the strangest feeling to be the one leaving with everyone else. It was so strange. nay....surreal.

well....i am globally legal's about time....bhahahahaha.

i have run out of things to say.....therefore i will stop talking......

Thursday, October 09, 2003

QuIcK NeWs in the life of the hElm:
-i LeAvE iN 20 hOuRs tO hEaD tO EdMonToN
-i jUst wRoTe a ReSeArcH pApEr iN 3 hOuRs
-that means, i hadn't touched it until this afternoon, i wrote, editted, and finalized a 5 page research paper (did research as i went) and now it's done cuz it's due first thing in the morning.
-i Am sO tIrEd i cAn HaRdLY kEeP mY EyEs oPen...zzzzzz
-i HaVe tO gO gEt b.L.o.O.D wOrK dOnE tOmoRrOw aT 8 in the aM.
-i h.A.t.E geTtIng B.l.O.o.D wOrK....
-it's not just b.l.o.o.d work's everything else too.....oi

philosophy, theology, our world, my life, my future, my struggles, my pain, my annoyances, what benifit i'll be to the world, what will i contribute.......all bouncin' around my head....
i smell fries....
i'm starving.
chow = food.
food = less hunger
ciao = chow

You know.....nothing really knew has been happening here with me. You see the thing is that it is all just this loop.....repeating. lol
In all honesty i have been very stressed lately.
I not being able to do the best job i can on my assignments because i've run out of time to do's not like i have procrastinated either....there just isn't enough time with everything else i'm doing or expected to do.

I get to see my family this weekend. I am really excited for that. My two cousins are huge now. One is graduating this year (totally weird) the other is in grade 10 (so strange) both are tall and tower over me. They are like my little brothers. The good thing with us growing up was that we were in Edmonton many times a year and so our relationship grew to that of brother and sister and yet we were blessed enough to miss all of the little naggings that go on with siblings when you live together. So it's like i have two's great....i love them lots.
I'm excited.....really excited to be going away this weekend. As much as i want to do homework and get on top of things, i can't wait to just chill out somewhere that isn't eston. *sigh**grin*....ahhhhhhh

My classes are becoming classes where they are just God's little instruction time. Now i'm sure i know what you are all saying (classes are instruction times) what i mean is that my teacher will be up there talking, lecturing about whatever it is He's lecturing about that day and instead it's God in me that just goes "hold the phone right there!" and then proceeds to show me things, talk to me about things and then resumes my attention back on my teachers lecture. It's like this: i am watching an instructional video and God is the dude with the remote. Whenever the "video" gets to a place where God decides he wants to elaborte more on, or throw in something new He hits pause and proceeds to tell me....when He's finished he hits play again and the class moves on.

It's the strangest thing....
I lack severly in explaining in words this phenomenon properly.
so beacuse i've just rambled senselessly for some time now i will depart.
I will most likely blog from cousins are computer addicts so i know there is a computer available.......

Monday, October 06, 2003

Well for thanksgiving i am heading to Edmonton....I get to see my wonderful family that I so thrilled to see. I reallly do feel extremly blessed by the family that God placed me in. I'm totally thankful that my WHOLE family views families and family get togethers as important. I mean...we all try to get together at least once a year and that just rocks! Anyway...i'm really happy to be seein' them.

My History class this morning got cancelled because my teacher is sick...That really sucks. Now the challenge is if i'm gunna use my time wisely and acutally finish some homework that i need to get done. oi.....i am too overwhelmed.

Tonight is the night that i'm staying with my friend and her little boy.(see oct 4th blog if you don't understand) I'm surprisingly nervous about it. Not that i think anything will go wrong, but i dunno..i just have a nervous feeling....hmmm.

i've been thinking about doing WAT this year.....hmmmph. I dunno. I wanna do it but i dunno if i wanna do it. I mean i'm aiming at doing my internship in Nepal and so the thought of taking an missions trip prior to that seems to be a little much (how ever awesome that would definately be). It all boils down to money right? I mean, if i had to choose i would most definately choose Nepal, but i dunno. I guess i'll have to wait for the "burning bush" that will let my spirit know if i supposed to be on a WAT team this year. it's definately something that "I" wanna do....but i don't wanna do it just because i wanna do it.....i'd rather be where God wants matter where that leads me.

i'm so overwhelmed......
i need to get to winnipeg sometime soon.