Wednesday, December 31, 2003

true addiction; the purest form

It is almost nauseating how closed off I feel when I am unable to access the internet and check the blogs of those I partially know on the world wide web. I feel like I am being cornered, stuck in a place where there is no escape; and it is simply because I have gotten to know those who bare their lives, their fears, their faith, and their stories on this odd little thing called weblogs. Interesting really.

I leave this city really soon, It is so hard to continually remind myself that I have a full semester of school left to finish. It is not that I am dreading it, I am going to be taking a lot of classes that I am really looking forward too. I just hope that these next four months will not be as long, as stressful, as over indulgent as the previous four have been.

Winnipeg has been on my mind a lot. My plan was that I would try and fly down there to visit my friends but because of my severe lack of funds I am unable to go. This is a very sad thing. Winnipeg is my home. As much as I am going to college in the town that I grew up in, Winnipeg has my heart. The city and the community of believers that I know; have my heart.
I am not altogether overwhelmed with sadness because I know I will return there, I pray God lets me return there.

suppah time...
in both meanings of the word!

Sunday, December 28, 2003

way too much fun

I get to hang with my two cousins (who are more like brothers) for three days without any "adults" around. Well technically I qualify as an adult but pfffsshhh, that's beside the point. During these three days my time will consist of, Nintendo game cube, TV, blogger (if the internet will ever work), wrestling with my two cousins, food, pop, movies, game cube (mario gulf to be exact) and ahh....well...yeah.
I can hardly wait.

I only have 6 more days left here in Edmonton and it's really weird to think that I still have 4 more months to put in at Eston. I's only half of the year gone by. My system seriously thinks it's april (with an odd amount of snow) and i should be heading to winnipeg soon because school is over and i need to attend to the business of hanging with my roomates and my church family in winnipeg. It is hard to think about putting in the energy and stress, time and focus, into another 4 months.
What if i don't make it? I mean what if i really have a mental break down?

I miss my friends there already. I am really going to hate when we are all done our degrees and then we have to part our separate that is going to bite. I mean i don't see them for two weeks and i get all sad and sappy like. *sigh*