Saturday, May 03, 2003

i greatly dislike this not having a job thing.
i may need to pull some desperate measures.
this may mean working at Humpty's.....or even........heaven forbid....
.......da ....DaA....dAHHHH........
*whispers* domo.......never again.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

well..i must say that it is good to be back in a city. it reminds me of how much i love being surrounded by lots of people that i don't know. i get excited because i'm always like "all these people that i don't know that i need to get to know!"
i was out giving my resumes to a whole mass load of places and i stopped by the forks where i used to work.(i was applying to a place that was on the upstairs in the building)
i ran into about 5 regulars that i used to serve coffee too everyday and they all were exstatic to see me. we spoke for about half an hour. that is always an exciting thing. i had a really good relationship with the regulars and they were, most days, the thing that kept me at my job. so it was such a blessing to run into them and have them remember me and sit and talk with me. i love brightening people's days, i love making strangers smile, i love having conversations with the transit drivers it really seems to brighten their day when they can actually have stimulating conversations.
i want to work at one of my old coffee shops just so that I spend time with the regulars again. somedays i can't believe how much i enjoy working at a coffee shop, and how much i miss it.
i wonder if i should revive my dream of owning a coffee shop....not just a coffee shop though, a, to use a cliche term, "outreach" type place. a safe place, a place where people feel comfortable and at home. a place with filled with local artists, painting right there, peices all over the walls, a studio in the back where observers can watch artists create. whatever. i'm just talking out of my ass.
i have too many dreams, everyone always tells me that "you can't do everything rachel"...
i wonder if i'll ever be able to pursue all that i want too......whatever.....i'm going now.

I had to do another one:

What DragonBall Girl Are You?

Monday, April 28, 2003

i am here.
here is winnpeg.
this should be happy.
this should be comfortable.
this is odd.
i feel awkward, out of place.
i don't really know why.
i feel homeless,
this place, this city was/is my home.
but why do when i finally get to return, feel so not at home?
i'm sure it's because i have changed so much since i left,
that will always change things.
i dunno.....whatever...
i haven't really been able to think this all through so this doesn't even really make any sense.

Cutest little dragon master.

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