Friday, December 12, 2003

There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up.
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891

This semester is near done....what a strange thing.
I marvel at how odd time is.
Here at the school we have something called mini-semester. It is the very first two weeks of every semester and we have a class crammed into those two weeks. We either have class all morning or class all afternoon, then the rest of the time off.

Well by the end of minisemter it feels as though you have been at the school for about 4 months....then you get into your regular scheduled courses which fly by you at a rate quite unimaginable. This is the case as i speak. I have no idea where the semester has gone and all i have to show for it is the fact that it's December as some how i have a bunch of assignments that i barely know how they got done.....


I get to spend christmas with my mom in Edmonton. I am really looking forward to my holiday break. Not only do i get to hang out with her but as well with the rest of my family and also with some friends who live in the city. It will be a wonderful change of pase...pass....paise.....(i need to learn how to spell..non of those look right......arg)....

well i am going to go play my djembe in chapie this morning....*yipee* i haven't played my own djembe in a while because i have always been using the ones in there for it will be a beautiful morning....i'm looking forward to it.

I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex.
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Why won't my migranes migrate already...

I have had a consistent, ever growing migrane for three days already and it is showing no signs of departure as of yet......well then...i guess i should attempt to makes it's stay a bit more comfortable, you the role of good hostess.

I have taken so many pain killers in the past three days that i am fully aware that my body has become used to them and they no longer hold their potency. What will i do if this mirgrane does not leave? won't work anymore and they have been keeping me functioning through these last three days....
except for the laughtered shared with my friends at this school, reading a really good book, and currently listening to Yo-Yo Ma's Bach Cello suites, my day has improved incredably. *sigh*

So i am trying to wheel and deal a way to get to Winnipeg this christmas to see my beloved roomies. I hope that i can swing it shouldn't be that expensive because it is only one that is the plan....i will work heartily on it......*grin*

I'm leaving now to take a nap....ciao

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

God is so GOOD
this place....where i sit and type so foreign to me right now. So many times i have thought to try and sit and write something....but alas...the thoughts have escaped me.

We had our choir tour this weekend... 7 performances in 3 days is VERY tirering (did i spell that wrong). The last performance we did everyone was just exhaus.ted...we were trying to warm up and no one even had energy to warm was really sad. I was so worried that we were going to can out on our last performance. So a few of us just cried out to did He ever come through. God is SO GOOD. wow.... I was totally blessed by the God i serve and His goodness really just overwhelmed me.

I have heard so many times that "the joy of the Lord will be my strength"....etc. And i really do believe that. But looking back at my life i have maybe once or twice, experianced that. This last performance was an incredable testimony to me that the Joy of the Lord really is my strength when i have absolutley nothing left. I am in awe of the God that loves me so much. In complete awe.

Why when there is so much that needs to be words are found. It is not like i feel as though there needs to be any words said....but sometimes i wish i was one with words that could express things in a manner that was some what befitting the moment.

I have been a complete book hog lately. I just cannot get enough. So i mentioned last post how i have been reading Stephen Lawhead's Celtic Crusade trilogy. I finished the third book in that instalment this choir trip. I was on chapter seven when i left for the trip.
Now i am on another one of his books called Byzantium. It is really good. I hope to have it done possibly before i's almost 900 pagers though....ahhhh...there is nothing like a good challenge. The stories Stephen Lawhead tell are so captivating you litterally cannot put the book down. There is nothing like reading a good story. I have realized that i feel such a wonderful sense of accomplishment when i finish a novel. Not only am i blessed with the awesomeness of a great story....but i get the joy of finishing something that i start.

So often here at school i have so many things to do and stay on top off i often feel like i never actually accomplish anything. My head is down as i'm just running from one thing to the next then all of a sudden it's christmas break and i've hardly notcied anything that has happened during the semester except stress points.
what a sad existence eh?
So for the past few weeks my wonderful and glorious escape has been to read these books that have absolutely nothing to do with anything here at school. It is amazing how much they have refreashed me. How much they stir my spirit with things that i love and things that i love to do. Not only that but they stir my excitement for God.

This author specializes in Historic Fiction i guess you could call it. He takes historic events and fleshes them out into a story fitting with the line of history. Using real names and real people (obviously fake ones too) and composes this incredable, captivating story......ahhh....i love a good story.

I think as christians we need to learn how to be story tellers. Not just by the means of novels..but...christianity is about telling a story. We are responsible for telling the story of Jesus. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing, we have that responsibility, to in our own way, tell the story. Withing that responsibility i believe that we also are expected to become the best story tellers that we can be. Who cares how that looks...but we live in a culture that has lost, or almost lost, the art of storytelling. I long so much to see that cultivated again within my generation and others as well. Whenever i read a good story, or experiance good writing....i just get so stirred and so excited because something in me just wants to be able to tell a good story. Especially when it comes to the life, de.ath, resserection and promise of Jesus Christ. What a totally incredable story...... much for my short post........
i have a history paper to write for tomorrow morning....guess i should get started.
My apologies for the comment apparently isn't working...i wasn't aware anyone had left me any messages until someone today informed me that there were infact three there....i was shocked....i thought you all had abandoned me......