Friday, November 21, 2003

Time Ticks so fast

I have three major assignments left in this semester....
that's bannanas.
They are all due right together (the 8th,9th, and 10th) ick.
I am driving to Redeer this afternoon and i just hope that I can find the time to finish or work on at least one assignment..i'll be hooped if i don't.

I get a comic delivered to my email account every day and i must say that it really is something that brightens my morning........

Alright..i gotta go shower....ciao.

Monday, November 17, 2003

The big kahuna (a.ka. question)

so i don' think it is an issue of me throwing all i believe to the ground.
I think that it's more of an issue of me questioning how i hold any confidence in what i believe.
Is it because i was raised in it?
Born in North America?
Would i follow "this" if i were raised in another country?

It is an incredably tedious process of wadeing through all that makes up what you believe, peeling it all back to the basics, and then trying to find out why you believe it in the first place.

I know Christians read this page and so i guess i wanna ask YOU....that's right.....i'm asking you all a personal question.

How do you hold confidence in the bible as truth? as the word of God?
What do you believe is truth in christianity?
Why do you believe it?
What has been your journey?

I'm not expecting an immediate answer...those questions involve much thought...but i am expecting an answer. I'd like to know your journey. If you don't want to leave a massively huge comment you can always email me......I give you total freedom to do so.

today at lunch i was looking at myself in a spoon and i realized how much fun it is to distort my reflection....i can give myself a big forhead, a large nose, a Jay leno chin....all by the angle of the was interesting......

It's fun to look at the different perspectives that people have of Christianity. All of you out there hold a different view, possibly a different belief.....that is what interests me. I believe that by seeing all of the different perspectives i can find the truth, or a greater depth of the truth.....

how have you attainted your level of depth in what you believe?