Friday, January 30, 2004


Just to inform you all....I was performing a sort of test with that last post. Most everyone who knows me knows that I CANNOT spell to save my life. So I thought if I spelt a really obvious word wrong, not only would I get some comments....but I thought it'd be I am happy to see that you all rose to the occasion.

There is nothing like a good ol' Saskatchewan blizzard. Reminds me of growing up. Lately the winters have been so mild it's nice to see a blizzard like it is supposed to be. As much as I greatly dislike snow, winter, and above all COLD....I am thankful to see all of this snow because the farmers really need it. I hope more comes...I pray that the land is so moist by the time they need to plant that their crops this summer will make up for all of the dry land in the last few years.
The Blizzard is so bad here that the cops aren't letting anyone out of town.

Well...I am going to go to my room (my horribly FREEZING room) and crochet, listen to some Disney soundtrack - Tarzan - and go to bed early...It's about time... I have been up till around 3 am for the past three nights....

It's a nice feeling sometimes when you are supposed to go somewhere and then situations outside of your control prevent you from going. The soccer teams could not got to their tourney either so everyone is storm stayed at the school this weekend....that always provides some serious fun.

I should go do my Japanese..... I think i'll play in the snow tomorrow after i go get some beef jerkey and buy some more yarn.....

Thursday, January 29, 2004

I quite just to start something else

I quite greek this semester, (however i am still taking it) my now I get to learn something else....

JAPANESE!!!'s fun so far.....
hope i can stay with it...i have wanted to learn how to speak japanese for so long.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Yet another cold day

Some days I wish I could be like Mario....

He is always bubbly, always helping his friends whenever he is in trouble. Always in a place that is warm.......

I am helping a friend of mine do a weekly bible study at the Highschool here and this afternoon was SO COLD. When we were walking back, agains the wind, he had too pull his toque over his face because the wind was so cold. When I got in the complex my calves seized up (my legs were numb) and I didn't know they were seized until I started to thaw.

Oh the pain was unbearable.
I fell on the ground writhing.....It was worse then when I would play basketball and my muscles seized because this time I had no clue as too how long my calves were seized for.
Oh the pain....I still feel it.
I couldn't walk, couldn't move, couldn't crawl...any movement was torturous...

I bet Mario never had his calves seize up......

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

definately not built for this

Cold weather brings up some mixed emotions in my life.
I was raised in the canadian praries and I know without a doubt that the weather and the landscape mark who i am in more ways that I can count. I am not sad or frustrated about this fact. The issue arises when I have had the priviledge to be in places that are quite humid. I realize that my body is designed for humidity. Not for cold; at least typical prairie winter kind of cold.

With the wind chill it is 56 degrees celcius BELOW zero...Friends, that is mighty cold. Forcast says it is only getting colder tonight....COLDER....
So with things being this cold today - walking from dorm to complex was a task that required a brisk jog, a sprint, or a dertmined stroll - this weather reminds me of my childhood.

Did you know - enter random fact - that when i was in elementary school one winter as i was walking to school I got stuck in a snow bank up to my neck. I was stuck there for an hour before someone noticed me and dug me out. I was late for school - of course which got me in trouble - because NO ONE believed that I got stuck in a snow bank.
Those types of memories i have in abundant store.....
They do something to your character...those types of memories have made me who I am today.....

So with mixed feelings I welcome the cold weather.....

Monday, January 26, 2004

Fork in the road

It appears to be one of those moments in my walk with God where He has been challenging me, guiding me, being near to me, and yet telling me to choose. I don't mind that I have to choose, I just wish that I wasn't so afraid to choose what I know I have to choose. I know God is good, I know he is faithful, I know that he knows what is going on, I know that I am safe with Him, I know that I need to do this. So i will do it.

The semester is at a point where your regular classes have started, things are starting to role, and homework is needing to be done. I just went through all of my syllabi and rounded up all of my assignments and discovered that I have 4 assignments due in Feb, 6 assignments due in March and 4 due in April..not to mention all of my required readings that need to be done...(ouch). Thankfully I am looking forward to my classes, and my assignments aren't all that bad...just so time consuming.

So the question seems to be do i have what it takes to trust God with all that is going on personally in my life?
Can I trust him with my horrible depth of sadness, with my fear of loosing more of my friends?
Will i be able to believe that He will be my strength when i get up to pray and give up my sleep and food to do so?
Will i be able to learn the art of disapline in order to be nearer to my God?

the answer has to be yes, because life is not worth living if I cannot be near to my God, if i cannot be a light to those who are shadowed in darkness, if i cannot prepare myself to see God's kingdom move in power here on earth. All things are possible with the Lord, that is a promise that I will, and need to cling too.
I encourage you who read this, draw near to the Lord. Do not wait till tomorrow, or when things "feel" right. Draw near. Now. He is longing for you.