Thursday, January 08, 2004

swept away

I know I have blogged about it many times but it needs to take my attention once again. I am reading a book by Stephen Lawhead called Byzantium and it is a great read.

I now understand why I enjoy his books so much. He writes historical fiction and one of his trilogies is based on/around the crusades to the middle east. These were the books that I blogged about before, they really a great stories. The story I am reading right now is about Aidan, an irish monk sent on a journey to Constantinople. it is an awesome book so far.

The joy for me is the ability to be totally caught up in a story. It is based in an era that I have always loved hearing about/learning about so it is pure joy to be drawn into this story...espcially since i have so much on my mind right now and my mini semester class doesn't start for a couple more days. It is a wonderful escape!

I want to leave with you a quote that was given to me by leif:

The direction that much art has taken in the past few generations tells us something about the despair of naturalism. There was a time when the goal of the artists was to disply beauty. But as naturalistic philosophy became domi.nant, much of the art produced became increasingly pointless, despairing, and consciously devoid of beauty. The oppresive weight of the philosophy of meaninglessness has squezzed the bright colours from the brushes of many unbelieving artisits. In their despair they have dismissed beauty as an illusion, that cannot hide the dark void they believe will ultimately engulf all things, and their art reflects that despair. - J McDowell.

what do you guys think?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

very annoying

My Mini class does not start till Saturday. I have been here since the 4th. My days are filled with not much at all since i have already read the book for our book review. The problem now is that I feel like i have already been in some very intense classes (which i haven't) and I am exhausted because of it. Just wiped out. I feel just....horrible. arg.
So part of me is frustrated because when my class does start it is going to be very very intense. I hope I can make it.

Monday, January 05, 2004


it is very frustrating to feel something and not really be able to explain what it is you are feeling.
To be back at this place is creating a very odd, very weird mix of emotions. Yesterday almost everyone arrived and i was able to see my friends that i had not seen in two weeks. That was just reallly great. These guys truly have my heart and it really hurts to not be able to see them (kinda like my crew in wininpeg!).
As the night slowed down and my system just about shut down i realized that i have a mini semester class to prepare for. I have 4 more regular semester classes to look forward too, I have a WAT trip that might happen, I have a student loan to worry about....etc.

Today is....odd. Most everyone is in their mini semester classes, mine however doesn't start till saturday, this is mearly the calm before the storm. I will have seven intense days of classes.....*sigh*. It is a good thing that I am looking forward to the subject or else I might just switch classes.

I cannot decide if i want to be here yet. I definately want to be here to be with my friends and those i know, but other than that....I just do not know. ahh welll......

Sunday, January 04, 2004

it's 44 below - something is seriously wrong...

i constantly question why God has placed me in one of the coldest inhabited places on this planet. i have questioned it since i was on my way to school in grade three and i got stuck in a snow bank. That's right stuck - too my shoulders. I was so wedged that i was stuck there for about an hour. It was in the morning so everyone was already at work so no one saw me for a really long time.....since that day......*grrr*

I am back at school and i have had to convince myself that i am here for another 4 months, providing that my student loan comes through. if not i may be back in winnipeg a bit early.
i finances.