Thursday, February 19, 2004

and so it begins again

Encounger Weekend is such a beautifully crazy time here at the college. I love it and all at the same time...hahaha.
I definately love it because it lets me have an outlet for doing crazy practicle things. I allows me the opportunity to work a different part of my brain and I just love it. Today we started out Prep Weekend where we try and get as much of the decorations done and up as possible so we have roughly a short week to work out the kinks and allowed the guys that are building enough time to finish building. So it's good. I am helping my friend with the decoration comittee and we are turning out lounge into the inside of a boat which means making the walls look like boards....I've been painting them ALL DAY......*yawn*

So as my reward....welll not reward but as a way to unwind....i am going to go and watch survivour and CSI and Without a should be a wonderful night!!!

And tomorrow....7 am I am back to painting all day!!!....hahahaha......
Encounter is so crazy!.....